SharePoint 2010 Custom WebPart List Deleted Message

Quick and Easy, just make sure to type the exact name of the Lists \ Libraries inside the code:

  • Open VS 2010 and Create new Project as Visual Web Part Project.
  • 3 tips need to be consider and that is : make sure .Net Framework is 3.5 – Platform Target to be 64 bit or Any CPU – last one is to Add Microsoft.SharePoint.dll in the reference.
  • In ASCX File, add following code:
    <ul id=”ticker02″ class=”newsticker”>
    <%=OutPut %>
    <asp:Label runat=”server” ID=”Label1″ Text=””></asp:Label>
  • In CS File, add following code, I have used CAML Query Bulider to get below query:
  • Don’t forget to add following string in the top:

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